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The heart of our business is the product we create and how and where the products is made matters.

The sustainable work process starts in our mindset. The design must be timeless and long lasting, but still relevant to the customer and in line with the current trend. APOF always design with the heart and the hope is to contribute to a more sustainable and clever consumption of fashion. The collections of APOF are built on a vision of the strong wardrobe, with less but more usable styles that can be a mix between seasons. APOF create timeless elegance made by comfortable and applicable elements enabling you to create the perfect look for any occasion. We are in love with beautiful colors, playful prints and sophisticated structures. The styles from APOF are designed for women of all ages as a supplement to all their wardrobes.

our design

We go against the predominate mind-set of ‘four collections per year’. We like to take it slow, and get it right. This approach saves the environment a lot ressources and prevent ourselves from wasting our efforts. We want to focus our energy on unique materials, finding just the right fit combined with just the right functionality.

This is also why we never make comprehensive collections. We make carefully selected garments that tie your entire wardrobe together. By doing so, every single piece is carefully processed and bears our unique trademark of simplicity, quality, and playfulness. It’s really long-lasting favorites in a timeless design that gives you that personal touch.