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Meet our new Favorite. The 'Peace on Earth T-shirt' is solely designed with the intention of supporting children and young people caught in the chaos of war. 

For each sold T-shirt we are donating 100% of the profit and by teaming up with Planbørnefonden we ensure that help is placed where most needed. 

Planbørnefonden logotype


Thank you for joining us in supporting children caught in the brutality of adult wars. These children and their families are forced to flee from war, hunger, and disasters. Your support will help ensure that the children receive essential necessities such as food, cash, trauma care, and vital health services.

The children experience fear and uncertainty every day. To give them a respite from the harsh reality, PlanBørnefonden has created child-friendly safe spaces where they can play and feel safe. These areas allow the children to be children, even in the midst of the chaos and cruelty of war.

In addition to direct help for the children, their parents receive support to protect them and create as normal conditions as possible. The parents are being educated and participates in support groups where they can help each other and gain tools to handle trauma.

Your support gives these children a chance for a better future - free from fear and filled with hope.

Woman with jeans and t-shirt with text peace on earth
White t-shirt with text Peace on earth
Entrance to APOF shop with sign t-shirt and flower pot